Oct 22, 2015


We have had a really busy spring ! School Agriculture Day was a highlight, with lots of cotton candy, animals, magic carpet rides, and racing !, we even took out first place in the major Raffle on the day!!! Ka-Ching ! Nice trip away for the two of us !,

Today Kyla received a Principals award for an outstanding effort at her first year of school, even I am amazed at how far she has come with her reading and writing, among other things !

Other things that happened today, we picked leon up and he was a Cat !. Also, WE GOT A PUPPY ! !  and surprised the kids when they got home! ! we were going to wait a while until they were older, and more responsive, will that ever happen ?, but when I walked into the pet shop, and saw Colin already holding this little girl, we couldn't say no !

I am also trying to stay on top of the vege garden, lots going on here !!