May 3, 2015

Our New House.

We have finally moved into our very first home ! Got the keys on thursday, all 22 of them, theres not one missing ! Every door, garage, cupboard, and wardrobe has a key and lock. The kids think thats fun, so its super fortified!.  All the original light fittings work beautifully, the chandaliers have dimmers, and there is an amazing fan in the lounge!.  We spent a couple of days cleaning our new / old house.  The fridge/freezer took up much of that !. Seems the flies had set up their home in it for the past year !!   The night before moving day, leon was up all night with food poisoning, so half an hour sleep was all I was going on ! Poor little dude. Never seen him so quiet and unenthusiastic !  A few weeks ago we went to the SPCA Animal shelter, and saw a cat there that we loved.  So yesterday we went in to see if someone had adopted her already but she was waiting for us ! Mikaela, or Mika for short, she's so friendly and playful. The kids love her!. We still need lots for our house, but the only thing we can't find is our toaster :( , I have a big list of things to get today.  Toilet seats. slats, brooms, tea towels..... The kids are now enjoying playing around the house while we unpack and sort things. Pics below of our first few days .... my fav things so far are the sunrise, the year supply or mandarins, the wallpaper in Kylas room, the FIRE,  the big Vege garden that is waiting for me and the kids to get stuck in, my room which gets ALL DAY SUN.  Only thing that I have to get used to is the PINK bathroom, super tiny hot water cylinder and longer drive into school and preschool for the kids ! 🌞 Its just so beautiful out here in Welcome Bay.

Thanks everyone who came to help, house warming soon!