May 24, 2015

New House. Week 2

We have been in our new house for just over three weeks now, so here are some pics from our second week. It was full of beautiful sunsets, sickness, and exploring ! We are back into the second term of School, so going out everyday is no easy feat. The views of Tauranga on our longer drive make it worth it though.  Highlight was all of us singing MJ's - Blame it on the boogie on Fridays commute.... Greatest way to start a day.!

We also started the Vege garden, although heading into winter we have limited options ! Leons new best friends are snails, he brings them in without me knowing, so I am finding them everywhere, in draws, on the bench..... in his school bag, !?

Me and a friend also got Kylas room ready for her, being the junk room while we moved, it needed a very big clean ! Fit for a princess !  We also had our first fire this week, and now we have hot water and heating in one ! We better get that bathroom renovated soon!

More pics soon from our 3rd week! We still have no internet, not until the 12th June :( But we have survived ! ( ps. I am typing and sharing this in a small corner of my mums house, THANKS MUM ! )   Josh and the kids will be setting up a mandarin stall for our tree, before they all start falling to the ground.  Bring on the pocket money ! Ps, anyone in Welcome bay, cheap mandarins will be available this week! By the bag full !