Jan 20, 2014

1/52 a picture and a portrait

Today marks the very beginning of The 52 week project. I have decided to follow a friends idea and go with not only a portrait but also a picture of my childrens art to go with it.

This year, anything goes.  My 4 year old daughter Kyla has begun drawing the most adorable little things, so I will have no problems adding one every week! and they are actually starting to look like actual 'things' instead of weird potato drawings with stick arms :), so clearly the picture below is of  'Leo the Lion', (as she calls it). She also has a thing for cutting things out, shes taken every pair of scissors I own.  So thats my day, picking up all the tiny pieces of cardboard and leftover paper.  A small sacrifice for this cute looking animal dont you think?

picture 2 is kyla at the beach, we spent a good half an hour on the sand dunes picking all of the fluffy plant looking things, I have no idea what they are called. I did the same at her age, at the same place, and it was lots of fun.  We tried dying them, but they did not turn out great...

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