Jul 25, 2016


We finally cashed in the Raffle prize we won last year. A trip to Waiheke Island for the weekend. We decided to go in school holidays, so we picked a few people up, and all 7 of us headed over to Waiheke on the car ferry. Kids loved it.   The BookaBach we chose was AMAZING. Probably should have gone in summer. But we didn't mind, it was a short walk to the beach. And we had the BEST Chinese takeaways I have ever tasted.  I think the kids were really looking forward to picking up our new puppy on the way home. Her name is Luna, and although she is nothing like our last puppy, she is super sweet, and great with the kids.... we cant wait to get to know her, and play around lots in summer !.  We explored the town, and had a nice lunch, and were back to the real world way sooner than I would have liked !