Jan 28, 2015

3/52 Letter to my Daughter

I have a million other things to be doing right now, but I just wanted to share this post with you all. A letter to my daughter. My smart, beautiful, creative, curly haired, brown eyed little 5 year old. From the moment I knew you would be a part of our lives, to this very second, I have had dreams.  Big ones, happy ones, creative ones. Things that I had once dreamed for myself, and still do.

As your mum, its such an amazing thing to see some of my own passions and interests rub off on you. I look at you sitting quietly drawing and creating on our summer mornings while your loud little brother is at preschool, and I am reminded of myself when I was young.

This month you have been home for school holidays.  It has been an amazing summer. A few days ago, I have never seen you so excited about something you picked out from the shop. It was a Crayola Felt maker, I told you we could get it out when your brother is in bed.  This night, you helped me put him to bed, and made sure he was a happy camper.  I wonder why ? I love that little things like this can make you smile.

You go to school next week, how will I survive each day without you ? Maybe by looking forward to hearing about each day, and about all the new friends you are making.  I hope !.

I dream that you find the things you love, and hold onto them, dearly.  When ever things get hard, I know I have you, and so many more years to see you grow.  I cant tell you how excited we are about buying our first home, one that you have told me we are painting Pink ! We may have to compromise....

Love Mum