Mar 6, 2014


Yesterday we decided to go blueberry picking just before bed.  Its only a 5 minuite drive, and it was such a nice day - plus blueberries are yumm.  Its coming to the end of a funny season, so they will not be around for much longer :( Oh how I wish we could live with orchards all around us, the kids would love it !

Leon was picking all the berries, even the green ones, so I had to keep my eyes on him. We picked and picked (and ate) and picked.  Finally the kids got to weigh them, coming to a grand total of $2.00.  Im pretty sure the health benefits far exceed even the price of the berries, and the fun of course!

If you are ever in Tauranga you should stop in. They are open until around 7, but you will have to wait until novemeber. Here is a list of places you can stop in and pick your own produce across NewZealand.

berry wheight orchard boy empty bucket one berry picking blueberries hiding in the berry bushes two blues little hands blueberries honesty box