Feb 5, 2014

Waitangi day post

I love taking photos, I mean I dont actually have any kinds of pictures anywhere, not even in frames, but I love photography. These two little people will be grown before I know it.  I want to remember all of this, the smiles, the trips to the beach, the park, even the yelling and name calling. Yes son I am talking about you, your language skills are just too cute. You have even started to count to ten. I laughed so much today.

Below is what we got up to on this cloudy thursday morning.  It conisted of- ( in this order ) Thrift store shopping, yeah yeah, boring, beach exploring, walk to park, lots of sliding, crying because we had to leave, Starbucks Mint mocca chocolate chip frappuccino and a happy meal for the kids, YUMM ! Then home to be bored all afternoon ! (that last pic is what happens when you mix hair gel with wind = crazy hair)

slide its love rocks feetb&w beach aaaah